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Family Wealth Advising

The wealth management process consists of three steps: wealth creation, wealth preservation, and wealth distribution.

Wealth Creation

The primary goal during the wealth creation phase is putting things into place to become financially independent - now and in the future.  The focus here is implementing strategies to meet current needs while preparing for future needs such as education expenses, health care expenses, family financial stability and retirement income needs. 

Wealth Preservation

Once your assets become more significant, you often naturally begin thinking about the second phase of wealth management.  This is when you really focus on overall investment management, risk management and your own unique family situations. 

Wealth Distribution

Without proper planning, moving into the distribution phase can be very frightening.  During this phase, you are often ready for your investments to begin working for you and to pay you an income.  You may also begin to focus on the positive impact your assets can allow you to have on your family and others after your lifetime.